You Deserve White Glove Business Valuation Services

August 2, 2022 Dave Ribando

The origin of the term “white glove” can be traced to the gloves worn by classic English butlers or luxury store staff who exhibit the utmost level of care and attention in serving their clients.  It’s the pinnacle expression of premium client service.

A Fine (Dining) Example

Picture eating at a Michelin-rated restaurant where the table is immaculately set with fine linen and spotless silverware.  A professional yet friendly waiter greets you tableside with an exquisite menu that can be further tailored to fit your specific palate and appetite.  The food presentation is impeccable and tastes so fresh you can visualize the hand-tended garden where the vegetables must have been plucked.  All the while the attentive staff waits in the wings, out of your way and not imposing, but ready to fill your water glass or replace a dropped napkin before you even ask.  You get the idea.

The White Glove Valuation Experience

Now imagine how great it would be if you upgraded from a traditional valuation service provider to a white glove experience.  Here’s what you can expect:

ExperienceClassic ModelWhite Glove
Canned methods that don’t incorporate the nuances of your business or industry.A tailored project to perfectly fit your business shape and budget.
Partner sells the project then disappears. The work is fulfilled by a generic staffing pool, and you’re frustrated trying to discover who’s doing what.Small, dedicated team of senior veterans that are 100% involved from beginning to end. You know the team and who to call for help.
Within 1-2 days if you’re lucky; you must schedule meetings several days or even weeks in advance.Always within 24 hours, usually within 1 hour. Flexible enough for same-day meetings.
Attention to Detail
Sloppy work that requires multiple revisions. Auditors discover several errors that need to be fixed, costing you time and money by rebooking the numbers.Calculations are checked multiple times for accuracy. Care is given to be consistent with your prior valuations and auditor preferences.
Occasionally on time and occasionally a few days late; it’s hard to know with poor communication from the provider.Always on time or early; no need to stress as the provider gives you frequent status updates.
Too eager to finish project and send you a bill; easily frustrated with questions and any custom requests that eat into their profitability.Service with a smile and thoroughly enjoys working with you and answering your questions.

You Deserve It!

Sounds great—but can my business afford the white glove treatment?  At Valuations I/O, the answer is a resounding “YES!”  With a spotlight on efficiency and getting the job done right, our small team of seasoned veterans has created a premium client service experience that is budget friendly.  Our clients frequently tell us that VIO has removed much of the friction and frustration involved in the valuation process.  It’s time you treat yourself to the next level.

Contact us to reserve your free valuation consultation.  We’ll bring the gloves.

Dave Ribando

Dave is the founding partner of Valuations I/O and has been providing valuation advisory services for over 20 years.  He's passionate about listening to clients and delighting them with first class service.